Topics of Discussion

The Commission has established Working Groups that will be comprised of knowledgeable stakeholders within each of the following six sectors:

The purpose of the Working Groups is to produce technical input that will support the development of the Commission’s recommendations for the resilient recovery and reconstruction of Puerto Rico. The Commission will conduct three Working Group sessions per each sector. The first Working Group session has been designed to identify goals, needs, and opportunities. During the second session, Working Group members will refine opportunities through a resilience lens. Finally, on the third Working Group session, members will focus on recommendations that will inform the final report. The three Working Group sessions will take place in February, March, and April respectively.

There are three cross-cutting issues that stem from Arup and the The Rockefeller Foundation’s City Resilience Framework. Working Group discussions within all six themes must address and reflect the main principles presented on each issue. The cross-cutting issues will strengthen the discussions and recommendations resulting from each Working Group.

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