ReImagina promotes a strong, equitable and prosperous Puerto Rico by helping rebuild the island on a more solid, fair and resilient foundation.


Who We Are

ReImagina was created in January 2018, in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria and the throes of Puerto Rico’s fiscal and economic crisis. ReImagina evolved from the Resilient Puerto Rico Advisory Commission and is currently a program of the Center for a New Economy.

ReImagina aspires to help rebuild Puerto Rico on a more solid, equitable and resilient foundation. We have identified the need to go beyond pre-existing conditions and seek to promote innovation, ingenuity and a learning-by-doing approach in all rebuilding and reconstruction initiatives.

Our Focus

ReImagina works to help align recovery efforts and bring greater coordination and transparency to the process. We seek to implement tools and multi-stakeholder coalitions to advance reforms and track progress of Puerto Rico’s recovery.

Integrated Stormwater and Drainage Management Seminar

Effective water and flood management are essential for Puerto Rico’s reconstruction. Through our integrated stormwater management seminars – which included the participation of academia, staff from private companies, NGOs, state and federal agencies, and representatives of 51 municipalities – we encouraged the implementation of integrated stormwater management best practices and identified existing financing sources to improve the water system on which we all depend. Learn about stormwater management and help us reimagine Puerto Rico.

ReImagina Puerto Rico Report

June 20, 2018 -The Resilient Puerto Rico Advisory Commission released the ReImagina Puerto Rico Report and six Sector Reports that, combined, present 97 concrete actions and recommendations to help rebuild Puerto Rico and significantly contribute to building a stronger, more resilient Island in the wake of Hurricane Maria. The ReImagina Puerto Rico Report highlights 17 recommendations as being particularly cross-cutting, valued by participants as high priority, are actionable and attend critical issues. These actions are designed to be carried out by a wide variety of actors from the public, private, and NGO sectors.

Specific Recommendations for the Reconstruction Process of Puerto Rico

In November 2018, ReImagina convened a Working Group focused on the reconstruction process of Puerto Rico. Together with this Working Group, ReImagina developed Specific Recommendations for the Reconstruction Process of Puerto Rico. This document seeks to start a conversation about recommendations that serve as a guide for entities and organizations making decisions on the reconstruction of Puerto Rico, particularly the Central Office of Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience (COR3) and the Puerto Rico Department of Housing.

Diaspora Engagement Report

Engaging with the diaspora has been an essential aspect of ReImagina ‘s process. Upon discussing our efforts with the diaspora, we were able to further uncover the diaspora’s role in Puerto Rico reconstruction efforts. The Diaspora Engagement Report recounts our interactions with the diaspora, with a particular focus on the diaspora’s lessons learned.

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